The Right to Write project primarily provides educational and media training opportunities and is designed to achieve deep penetration into communities, through the written word and a variety of multi-media and communications platforms. A main pillar of the project is to publish books and stories that will be written by authors from Northern Nigeria. This will create a group of new role models and influencers in the project area and will create opportunities for extra motivation for students. The production of the books will counter the negative Boko-Haram ideology which demonises books and education as being Western and therefore haram.  The books will be a reflection of life in these regions and will be donated to state schools across Northern Nigeria most of which do not currently have libraries.

Over a period of eighteen months, twenty writers and five illustrators will receive intense mentoring and training, taking their culturally and socially relevant ideas from conceptualisation to publication, thereby contributing meaningfully to the Nigerian literary canon, as well as providing class readers to support education in Northern Nigerian schools. This project will build the capacity of teachers to maximise the use of books and extract maximum educational value in the classroom.

TApart from producing physical books, this project will publish e-books, audiobooks and a variety of radio programmes and podcasts. A vibrant website will expand the reach of the project and provide opportunities for interaction and advocacy.  An integral aspect of rebuilding involves fostering a sense of progress and capturing real stories about life in these communities. This will be achieved through the regular daily broadcasts of inspiring stories of ordinary people from Northern Nigeria, (including IDPs and returnees) forging a life for themselves, and highlighting their needs for government action as a means of grassroots advocacy for better governance.

In addition to fostering social cohesion, this project adds significant value to any community undergoing regeneration by providing tangible and reassuring symbols that are necessary for, and signify, a return to normalcy.