School Library Development

One of the aims of the Book Buzz Foundation is to support schools in the creation of reading spaces. Libraries are wonderful to have but they are expensive and many state schools cannot afford to build, develop or maintain one.
Our answer to this is to create mobile libraries that can be wheeled from class to class during ‘Literacy Time’. With this, all school children will be able to turn the pages of a book at school during the school week.
Because we work with a range of local and international publishers, we can supply mobile libraries to schools so that the children can have appropriate books that are well published and well written. We can also equip schools with appropriate books and help to furnish school libraries. Some projects we have executed are:

Read By Example Programme/Project Inspire:
Project Inspire! is a Book Buzz Foundation initiative. During the annual Ake Arts and Book Festival, Ake Festival guests go to local primary and secondary schools for two-hour sessions, during which they read from their work and share their thoughts on their favorite books. The oil is to inspire the kids and our writers do a great job of that! At the end of the visit, donations are books to school libraries. Well-meaning Nigerians, heads of donor agencies and AABF guests who are concerned about the dwindling standard of education are encouraged to join us in our school outreach programme which is aimed at inspiring children in primary and secondary school by reading to them and engaging them in conversations about books.

Marine Platforms’ Mobile Libraries Project:

The Marine Platforms came up with an initiative to donate 100 mobile libraries containing 100 books each to 100 public schools in Kaduna state in the Northern part of Nigeria in their quest to give back something tangible to the people and the society. Book Buzz Foundation was a part of this initiative and was responsible for the books selection and inspection, as well as the coordination of the mobile libraries to put together a fun and intriguing package the children would enjoy.



Many of the schools in Nigeria are not what they used to be. Some of the schools that were dignified institutions of learning are now dilapidated and rundown. The libraries are always the first to disappear when school are on a downward spiral towards failure. The Book Buzz Foundation is a not-for-profit organization. Goods and services are delivered at cost price. You can support the pupils at your old school by ensuring that they have good books. We can build and create the library of your choice at the schools of your choice.



One of the great things about our reading spaces/ libraries is that they come in different sizes, like our pockets.

Reading Space Books Book Case Carpet Benches Paint Cost


Tiny 50 1 with wheels No No No $615/ N95,000
Small 100 1 with wheels No No No $1200/ N190,000
Medium 200 2 with wheels No No No $2360/ N365,000
Large 500 1 (Standing) Yes Yes Yes $4800/ N750,000
Extra Large 1000 2 (Standing) Yes Yes Yes $8700/ N1,350,000

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*Although we can deliver to all states in Nigeria, costs may vary, depending on the distance from Lagos State. It is possible to pick up your orders.