The Ake Arts and Book Festival

The Ake Arts and Book Festival is a Five-day programme of cultural, artistic and literary events which include: readings, master classes, workshops, performances and talks delivered by both Nigerian and international authors, thinkers, poets, filmmakers, actors, artists and academics. Other Events include: a comprehensive book fair, schools visits, stage plays, film screenings, and musical concerts. Members of the public will be invited to participate in these events to promote social inclusion.

Since its inception, The Ake Arts and Book Festival has become a cultural hub where Arts-related organisations and cultural institutions come to make important announcements, knowing that they have an international audience that spans the length of the African continent. It is also a place to network and rub shoulders with established practitioners and experts in diverse areas of the Arts.

Taking place within the rocky hills of Abeokuta in the backdrop, the Ake Arts and Book Festival is the richest and the biggest annual event on the African cultural calendar.