The Book Buzz Foundation

The Book Buzz Foundation is NGO that was founded in 2012 by Ms Lola Shoneyin, an award-winning writer and cultural activist.

Our Main Aims:

  • To promote literacy through the development of reading programmes for children
  • To create reading spaces
  • To organise Cultural Festivals in different parts of Nigeria.

BBF provides support for schools that seek to create reading spaces and libraries. We advise on equipment, furniture and reading programmes for children. One of our main initiatives is the design and supply of sturdy mobile libraries that can be wheeled from classroom to classroom during ‘literacy time’ in schools. We work with a range of local and international publishers, so we also advise and support schools in the purchase of appropriate books.

We organize annual events such as Ake Arts and Book Festival which is in it's Fifth year. Ake Festival is- a five-day programme of cultural, artistic and literary events that include readings, master classes, schools visits, stage plays, film screenings, musical presentations, fashion shows, workshops, performances and talks delivered by both Nigerian and international authors, thinkers, poets, filmmakers, actors, artists and academics. Pupils, publishers, book buyers, booksellers, cultural enthusiasts, university students and members of the general public are invited to participate in these events to promote social inclusion.

This year, a spanking new festival will take off in Kaduna State, Northern Nigeria - the first of its kind in the region.

Organising Cultural Festivals

In the last five years, Book Buzz Foundation has been on a mission to establish successful cultural festivals in different parts of Nigeria. Ake Arts and Book Festival which takes place in Abeokuta is in its fifth year. A spanking new festival will take off in Kaduna State, Northern Nigeria - the first of its kind in the region.

Creating Reading Spaces

In order to improve literacy and stimulate the reading culture across Nigeria, BBF supports schools embarking on library development. We supply books and supply mobile libraries to schools. In November 2016, we worked with Marine Platforms Limited to provide 10,000 books to state primary schools in Kaduna State, Nigeria.

Right to Write

Mianly funded by the European Union, the Right To Write project will develop 20 writers and 5 illustrators from Northern Nigeria to develop their book ideas. These books will be distributed across 200 schools in Adamawa, Borno, Bauchi, Kaduna and Katsina State. Teachers will receive training on how to use these class readers to encourage their students to develop a passion for reading. In addition, The RTW project will train young people from these states to become media specialists who can contribute to the new citizen's journalism platform which will be introduced in 2018.